Bellevue Castle, Berlin

Bellevue Castle

The Berlin Palace Bellevue is the headquarters of the German Federal president. The castle, built in the early classical style, is located in the immediate vicinity of the spree in Berlin’s Tiergarten district.

Manor of the Prussian prince

Ferdinand of Prussia commissioned the building, which was built according to the plans of the architect Michael Boumann and 1786 completed.

The castle was used by the Prussian prince as a royal manor. Later it served for military purposes, as a folk kitchen or museum.

During the 2nd World War, it was hit by incendiary bombs and burned out completely. In 1954 it was rebuilt and served as the second official headquarters of the federal President from 1957 next to Villa Hammerschmidt.

Bellevue Castle near the federal president

Under Richard von Weizsäcker, the Bellevue Palace was designated as the first official residence. In the immediate vicinity 1998 the federal president was created.

The federal President Roman Herzog also inhabited the castle privately and should not have expressed a particularly enthusiastic opinion about the building substance. The ailing heating and sanitary facilities are supposed to have led him to dump the castle.

Renovation 2004 to 2006

From 2004 to 2006, Schloss Bellevue underwent a thorough renovation. The existing housing was converted into an official wing, so that future federal presidents can no longer live in private residence.

In the past, almost all incumbents had preferred not to leave their private residence.


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