Botanical Garden, Berlin

Botanical Garden

The origins, attraction of the botanical garden are far back in the past. Originally he was the pleasure and herb garden of the city Palace in Berlin.

1679, this was too small for the then great elector and he ordered the extension to a electoral garden, which was then subdivided into the Prussian Academy of Science in the year 1718 for the sake of the frugality of Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia.

Botanical Museum

Almost 100 years later the Royal Herbarium (collection of dried and pressed herbs for scientific purposes) was created by the botanical works C.L. Willdenows.

This was then expanded to the Botanical Museum in 1879, where scientific work was carried out with and on plants.

Transfer to the Dahlem domain

At that time, the plant in Schöneberg was too small. Under the direction of Garden director Adolf Engler and according to the plans of architect Alfred Koerner, the garden was moved from 1897 to 1910 to a former potato field of the Dahlem domain with a size of 43ha, where it is still today.

Largest botanical gardens in the world

With 22000 plant species, the Berlin Botanical Garden is one of the world’s largest attractions. In total there are fifteen show greenhouses on the eastern edge of the park. In the meantime, the botanical garden also includes a herb garden that is inspired by the original garden.

Fragrance and Tasting Garden

Since 1984 there is also a fragrance and tasting garden in which the plants are also written in Braille.


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