Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is the most important landmark and is one of the sights of the German capital Berlin. It is located in the centre of Berlin near Pariser Platz.

The early classical building was built by the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm II. Commissioned and built by Carl Gotthard Langhans in the years 1788 to 1791.

Quadriga Victory Goddess Fortuna

The Brandenburg Gate was built from sandstone, is 26 meters high, about 65 meters wide and 11 meters deep. Together with the Parisian square, the building forms the conclusion of the “Street under the Linden”.

On the other side of the gate lies the “square of the 18th. March “. The gate is decorated with numerous sculptures. The most striking is the CA. 5 meter high copper quadriga. It represents the Winged victory goddess Fortuna, who steers a four-quadriga car.

Border between East and West Berlin reunification

During the Cold War, the Brandenburg Gate formed the insurmountable border between East and West Berlin, and at the same time the border between the two hostile blocs of power in the United States and the Soviet Union.

Symbol of the division of Germany

During the Cold War, the Brandenburg Gate was an important symbol of the division of Germany. For GDR citizens it seemed impossible for all time to ever pass through this building.

Symbol for German reunification

In the course of the fall of the wall, the building became an important symbol of German reunification (unity of Europe).


  • Pariser Platz 1
  • 10117 Berlin Mitte

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