Cathedral, Berlin

Berlin Cathedral

The Berlin Cathedral, which was inaugurated after eleven construction in the year 1905, is located on the northern Berlin Spree Island and is the largest church in Berlin. The cathedral was built as an evangelical church.

1842 was started with the construction work according to the plans of August Stüler, but already 1848 were interrupted, because the financial resources for the further development were missing.

It was King William I who supported the planning. In the year 1888, one agreed to the plans of Julius Carl Raschdorff, and three years later the construction of the cathedral of Wilhelm II. Approved.

Second World War-reconstruction

On 17. On June 27, 1894, the foundation stone was laid for the new building. On February 1905 the inauguration took place. In the Second World War the Berlin Cathedral was badly destroyed by a fire bomb, the dome construction and the sermon church with the tomb of Hohenzollern hit it the hardest.

With the reconstruction of the cathedral one began in the year 1975 with the financial support of the Evangelical Church of Germany as the Government of the Federal Republic. The construction work on the exterior façade of the cathedral was finished in 1983, the dome area was reduced by 16 meters in height.

Baptism and Marriage Church

After that the work began in the Interior area 1984 and on 6. On June 1, 1993, the sermon Church could be reopened with a solemn worship service. After the reconstruction of the glass windows in the altar and the dome mosaics, the construction work was completed in the year 2002.

Special attractions are the Church of Baptism and trust, in which one of the most important works of art of the cathedral, the altarpiece “The outpouring of the Holy Spirit” by Carl Begas, as well as the imperial staircase, the Hohenzollern tomb, the museum and the Sermon church with the impressive dome.


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