Charlottenburg Castle, Berlin

Charlottenburg Castle

The castle, located in the Charlottenburg district, is one of the sights you should have seen as a Berlin visitor!

Until the 17th. By the name of Lietzenburg, it was later called Schloss Charlottenburg, named after the wife of Elector Frederick the third, who was called Sophie Charlotte.

Sophie Charlotte-Frederick the third

Originally planned was the castle as a “small garden castle” for Sophie Charlotte. However, with the coronation of the Elector to the first king in Prussia (1701), one decided to remodel for representative purposes. The architect Eosander v. Göthe chose the Versailles Castle as a model.

Lock renaming

After Sophie Charlotte died (1705), the castle was named after the instruction of King Frederick after her, as well as the adjacent village, today’s district of Charlottenburg.

Frederick the Great

King Frederick died in the year 1713 and thus the work on the castle was also discontinued. Only in the year 1740 the construction work was resumed, by no less than Frederick the great.

From 1740-1746 The new wing was created in the east. It represents the counterpart to the older Orangery West Wing.

100 Years of construction

In the year 1791 the Orangery was extended and the Castle Theatre was built. After the construction period of approximately 100 years, this was the last part of the building phase.

World War II

It took another 20 years to eliminate the damage caused by the Second World War and to restore parts of the Charlottenburg castle.


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