Museum Island, Berlin

Museum Island

The Berlin Museum Island is one of the most important art centres in the world. It is located on the northern tip of the Berlin Spree island in the centre of Berlin. It is unique worldwide and has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.

13. Century – Swamp landscape

In the 13th In the early 1900s, the town of Cölln was first built on the undeveloped area south of the Spree Island, with the northern tip still being a large swamp landscape at that time. Later, the northern side was used as a garden landscape, which belonged to the Berlin Castle.

16. Century – Canalization of the spree

After 16. At the end of the century the left arm of the spree was channeled, creating the now known copper trench.

17. Century – Lust Allotment

In the 17th In the early 18th century, the so-called lust allotment was built. Century was transformed into the centre of trade.

18. Century – Wilhelm the 2nd

In the 18th In the second century, King Frederick William of Prussia left To build a museum of ancient and modern art treasures according to an idea that was taken from him.

19. Century – Name Museum island

At the end of the 19th In the middle of the century, the famous name “Museum Island”, which specialized in high art from Europe and the Near East, was established.

Annexes and extensions

As the number of art treasures, sights increased enormously and the course became very scarce over time, numerous annexes and extensions to the museum Island followed.

Second World War reconstruction

During World War II, the museum was destroyed to 70 percent. For cost reasons, the reconstruction could only be carried out to a part. After the reunification, the buildings destroyed at that time, after a decision of the foundation wheel, were completely rehabilitated


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