Nikolai Quarter, Berlin

Nikolai Quarter

The birth of the metropolis of Berlin began in the year 1200 with the construction of the Nikolai Church in today’s Nikolai Quarter in Berlin Mitte. Dealers and craftsmen settled here and built the two places Cölln and Berlin, which grew together and finally merged in the year 1237.

This year is officially considered the year of the foundation of Berlin. The Nikolai quarter was characterized by prosperity, which also explains the early and frequent reconstruction of the Nikolai Church.

Preserved for a long time in its original form, the district was almost completely destroyed by the bombing of Berlin in the course of the Second World War.

Birthplace of Berlin

After the Second World War, standing under the administration of the GDR, the interest in the birthplace of Berlin was limited to the economic use of this area, not to preserve the historical roots.

This changed in the course of preparations for the 750 anniversary of Berlin in the year 1987, which focused the population and politics on the founding history of the city.

Medieval character of the Nikolai Quarter

The Nikolai Church as the centre of the district was rebuilt, and buildings were built to support the medieval character of the Nikolai Quarter, but the original charm remained unequalled.

Many sights and gastronomy offer

However, this part of Berlin is not the most popular, not least because of the many sights and the rich gastronomy offered.


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