Peacock Island, Berlin

Peacock Island

In Berlin, the city that never sleeps and in which life always pulsates joyfully, there is a place where time seems to stand still for a moment. This little Enchanted Island, which is barely 20 kilometers southwest of the centre of Berlin, is called the Peacock Island.

Cultural monuments, World heritage-UNESCO

It has been under nature conservation since 1924 and can only be reached by ferry for visitors. The Peacock Island is not a nature reserve in the true sense, but it also holds some cultural treasures and buildings, thanks to which it has been able to declare itself since the year 1990 the World Cultural heritage of UNESCO.

The castle, a visitor magnet

Above all it is the castle, which was commissioned by the King Friedrich Wilhem II at 1793. was built by Prussia, which attracts numerous visitors. It is still very well preserved and from the inside a real feast for the eyes.

Palm House frigates Harbour Cavalier’s house

It is also worth visiting the Palm House, the frigate harbour and the Cavalier’s house. On the way to the individual buildings and gardens of the island, you will always encounter the wild peacocks.

Preservation of untouched nature

The preservation of the untouched nature is still in the foreground on the Peacock Island and there are many inhabitants of flora and fauna, sights which are carefully cared for and guarded.


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Admission / Visit:

  • Freely accessible
  • November – February: 10 – 16 PM
  • March – April: 9 – 18 pm
  • September – October: 9 – 18 pm
  • May – August: 9 – 20 pm
  • Guided tours in the castle are possible.