Radio Tower, Berlin

Berlin Radio Tower

The Berlin radio tower was built after the first radio exhibition in Berlin by Heinrich Straumernach from 1924 to 1926. In spring 1925 stood the finished shell of the famous tower. In September of the same year, the broadcasting company was tested successfully for the first time.

Radio broadcasts

In 1933, the radio broadcasts were broadcasted by the Berlin-Tegel major broadcaster. Two years later, in March, the first regular television program was broadcast on a newly mounted antenna at the top of the tower.

Fire on 19. 08. 1935

In a fire on the 19th. 08. 1935 all transmitting devices were completely destroyed, but could be used again 4 months later after the reconstruction. In the Second World War the Berlin radio tower was used as a secret observation system.

At the end of the war, several grenades destroyed one of the four bars of the Berlin radio tower, but were restored in the same year, and thus the broadcasting operation was resumed.

Setting of radio operation at the Berlin Radio tower

1973 then the radio operation was completely stopped at the Berlin Radio tower, since in the year 1963 at the Scholz site a new mast was built and the entire transmission was broadcast from there.

1989, the last transmitters of the Berlin radio tower were dismantled, which shortened the tower from 150 meters to 146.78 meters. Since then, the radio tower has been used as a non-public wireless device.

The Long beanpole

Today the landmark, the Berlin radio tower is listed as a monument and is also popularly called the “Long Beanpole”.


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