Red Town Hall, Berlin

Red Town Hall

The Berlin town hall, due to its red colour, also known as the Red Town Hall, is located in Berlin Mitte, more precisely in Old-Berlin. The Berlin City Hall is the seat of the Berlin Senate and the seat of the reigning mayor of Berlin.

Built by von Herrmann Friedrich Waesemann 1861

The red Town Hall was built by Herrmann Friedrich Waesemann, in the years 1861 and 1869. The red Town Hall has a tower, which is inspired by the towers of the French Cathedral of Laon. The Berlin city Hall is so large that it occupies a whole block of roads.

Reliefs from the history of Berlin

The red Town hall is adorned with reliefs, these reflect events of the history of Berlin and Brandenburg, in the time of 12. Century to the year 1871. These reliefs were designed in the years 1876-1896.

In the course of history there have always been conversions and modernisations, especially in the 1930s these remodeling measures were very pronounced.

Conversions in the year 1936 to the Olympic Games

The reason for this was the Olympic Games in the year 1936. After the Second World War the Berlin city Hall was badly damaged, but was rebuilt 1951-1955.

Monument Protection-seat of the mayor of Berlin

The interior design was completely changed, at that time the East Berlin Magistart had its seat here. Since 1979, the red Town hall in Berlin has been listed as a monument, 1987 renovations of the exterior façade and since 1991, the Red Town Hall is the official seat of the government, the reigning mayor of Berlin.

In 2006 the renovation of the tower was completed and the electrical were renewed, so that today the Berlin City Hall shines again in full splendour and ranks among the sights.


  • Town Hall Street 15
  • 10178 Berlin Mitte

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