Reichstag Building, Berlin


The 9th November 1918 is an important date, the social democratic Philipp scabbard man, a politician, proclaimed from the balcony of the Reichstag building the end of the German Empire, the Republic.

Adolf Hitler

In the Weimar Republic, the Social Democrats have set high hopes, but they have broken down relatively quickly. Adolf Hitler was He was appointed Chancellor of the Reich on January 1933.

On 27. February 1933 the Reichstag burned

On 27. On February 1933, the Reichstag burned, this fire was at the same time the end of democracy.

The Allies in Berlin

On 8. On May 1945, the ruins of the Reichstag became a symbol. After the rule of the national Democrats was ended by the Allied United States, England, Soviet Union and later France, a new epoch for Germany and the Reichstag began again. The flag of the Soviet Union was hoisted, and Berlin was divided by the Allies into several sectors.

Division of Berlin

A large scale demonstration of more than 300,000 people in Berlin resulted in the Allies splitting the city of Berlin into two parts, and the construction of the Berlin Wall began. This wall was located in the immediate vicinity of the Reichstag Building.

Takeover of the Bundestag

On 19. April 1999 the Bundestag building after the former capital Bonn was heralded after the end of the division of Berlin and thus the fall of the wall.


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  • Reichstag

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