The Alexanderplatz, Berlin

Alexander Platz Berlin

If you have the chance to spend a few days in Berlin, there are sights and places you should definitely look at. In addition to the famous Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz is a popular destination among tourists.

Important transport hub of the capital

This is not only explained by its function as an important transport hub of the capital, but also has its origins in the history that surrounds it.

Renaming of the Parade square

In honor of the Russian Tsar Alexander I, who was received in the year 1805, the emperor Friedrich Wilhelm III. The renaming of the parade square in front of the old gate in “Alexanderplatz”.

Traditional warehouses

At the beginning of the twentieth century, traditional warehouses such as Tietz and Wertheim and the first German cabaret around the square were opened, it flourished and gained more and more importance for public life.

Memorial site

The Alexanderplatz served as a memorial during the funeral ceremonies of people such as Rosa Luxemburg or Karl Liebermann and architectural major projects were started.

1969 was an enlargement took place and the Alexanderplatz was, like the Red Square in Moscow, used for rallies and major events.

Berlin’s Pivotal Point

Today the Alexanderplatz is still the pivotal point of Berlin. Known as the place of transition, it not only forms the backdrop for large department stores, but also connects the most diverse districts of Berlin at one point and thus continues its traditional, symbolic meaning story.


  • Alexanderplatz 1
  • 10178 Berlin Mitte

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