The East Side Gallery, Berlin

East Side Gallery

The east-side-gallery is a part of the former wall that separated Berlin in east and West Berlin during the GDR period. The east-side-gallery was opened just a few months after the fall of the Berlin Wall in spring 1990.

The original piece of the wall is located on the river Spree between Ostbahnhof and the upper Tree Bridge and is approx. 1300 meters long. The East-side Gallery is thus the largest open-air gallery in the world. Since 1991, the east-side-gallery with its pictures and sights has been listed.

Art and pictures of various artists

102 artists from over 20 nations have applied images, texts on the wall which are related to life, changes in the GDR during the fall of the Berlin Wall in the year 1989.

The fact that this artwork is always outdoors and therefore exposed to the weather must be lavishly restored almost annually with larger sums of money. A first-time restoration after the opening in the year 1990 was carried out in the year 2000.

Restoration of the Wall

The focus is on these restorations, a specially founded association in cooperation with the original and new artists as well as numerous foundations that support the project financially.

For example, since October 2008 a total of 2.2 million euro has been invested in the restoration of the various images to preserve this unique work of art in Berlin.


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