The Hackesche Höfe, Berlin

Hackesche Farms

Busy streets and next door quiet courtyards, this is typical of Berlin! One of these sights, attractions  – courtyards are the Hackesche Höfe, eight yards in the textured grid, in them are cafes, small boutiques and all sorts of shops. Visitors can also discover various exhibitions and residential buildings.

Old buildings, residential and commercial courts

Old buildings, painted in different colours, with oversized windows and ornate facades. This is the first impression a visitor receives when he enters the chopping ash farms.

The Art Nouveau architect August Endell built the Hackesche Höfe between the Rosenthalerstraße and the Sophienstraße in the historic Spandau suburb of Berlin. The use was established as residential and commercial courtyards, because of their beauty the courtyards aroused a great stir.

Post War period

Residents were bourgeois but also officials, workshops and shops were right next door. In the postwar period, the farms fell into decay and were used as workshops or for storage, even before the elaborate stucco façade was not halted, it was removed in the year 1961.

Only the Society for the salvation of the farms, which was founded after the turn, brought about an elaborate renovation, which lasted until the year 1995, the mixed use of living and working was maintained.

Banquet halls, a variety, cinema and shops

Banquet halls, a variety, cinema and bars were created in addition to studios for designers and art, shops of various kinds complete the whole.


  • Hackescher Market 1
  • 10178 Berlin Mitte

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