TV Tower, Berlin

TV Tower

In the middle of Berlin stands a piece of German history-the Berlin television tower. With its proud size of 368.03 meters, it rises up into the sky and is thus the largest building that Germany has to offer.

The story goes back to 1953 where the construction of the television tower was originally planned in the district of Köpenick. But because of his size he was a danger for air traffic but only the stump of the TV tower was built.

Start of construction 1964, on 3. October 1969 the completion

The plans for the construction of the TV tower were put on hold. It was only in the year 1964 that the building was decided in Berlin Mitte. Except for the red Town hall and the well-known church of the Virgin Mary, the existing buildings had to go to the impressive building. After a construction period of almost 4 years, the Berlin Television tower was able to October 1969 to be finally put into operation.

One of the most famous sights in Berlin

The Berlin TV tower belongs to the most famous sights Berlin has to offer and meanwhile it is even possible to enter the yes-word in the interior of the sphere, in dizzying 203.78 meters on the viewing floor with a diameter of 24 meters.

The rotating tower restaurant-Telecafe

A second part of the sphere accessible to visitors is the Tower restaurant which is also called Telecafe. The ball of the TV tower rotates at a speed of 2 revolutions per hour and you can enjoy a breathtaking view from there.

Souvenir Shops

On the ground floor of the tower there are many souvenir shops where you can take a look at one of the most important monuments in the history of Germany.


  • Panorama Road 1a
  • 10178 Berlin Mitte
  • TV Tower

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