Victory Column, Berlin

Victory Column, Berlin

One of the most famous landmarks, sights of Berlin is the Victory column. It stands on the big star in the Berlin Tiergarten. The Victory column was built in the years 1864-1873 on the basis of plans Heinrich straight.

Reason for construction in the year 1864

The Victory column was built 1864 due to the victories in the German-Danish war, and is now under monumental protection. At first the Siegesäule was not on the big star in Berlin, but on the square of the Republic, its present location got the Victory column only in the years 1938/1939.

Blasting planned after the Second World War

Originally, the Victory column was to be blown up after the Second World War, this was inspired by French allies, but did not find support in any other victorious powers, and so the Victory column can still be seen in Berlin today.

The bronze statue

The column of victory is adorned with a bronze statue, which was not always present, the statue was only subsequently set up, the occasion for this were victories of various wars. The bronze statue depicts Viktoria with laurel wreath and was created by Friedrich Drake.

Restoration – Explosives attack

Overall, the Victory column is 66.89 meters high and has a platform. The Victory column has since been restored several times, last in the year 1991, when an explosive attack on the Victory column in Berlin was perpetrated.

Focus of many events

The Victory column is today an attraction and is the focus of many events: Love Parade, demonstrations, political appearances.


  • Big Star 1
  • 10785 Berlin Tiergarten

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