Zoological Garden, Berlin

Zoological Garden

In the year 1844 one of the largest and most diverse zoos in Europe is celebrating its opening. Inspired by the natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt, Friedrich Wilhelm IV presents his private Tiergarten to the Berlin public.

Due to its adverse situation on the outskirts of the “capital”, the Zoological Garden of Berlin initially only develops hesitantly.

In the 19th century, the interest of Berlin’s growing

Not until the end of the 19th century. century, magnificent exotic animal houses are built for elephants, antelopes and bird species. Since then, the insights into the fauna of distant countries have drawn the interest of the Berlin Society.

In the following years the species richness of the tiergarten is growing steadily, 1913 the first aquarium in Germany completes the extensive free plant for land animals and makes the visitor the dazzling underwater worlds of the South Seas accessible.

Outbreak of World War II

The outbreak of the Second World War plunges the Berlin Zoological garden into a serious crisis: a large part of the animal houses and enclosures are destroyed by bomb attacks, many animals die.

Reconstruction after 1945

Reconstruction after 1945 is difficult and costly. With the help of sponsors and the support of the population, it is still possible in the post-war period to give the zoo a new face again.

Animal houses and outdoor enclosures, animal sculptures

There are more modern animal houses and open enclosures, animal sculptures decorate the parks, the aquarium is expanded. Today, the oldest zoo in Germany is a family-friendly recreational destination and at the same time a popular tourist attraction in the heart of the capital.


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  • 1. January-15th March: 09-17 PM
  • 21. October-31st December: 09-17 PM
  • 16. March-March 23:09-17.30 PM
  • 24. March-8th September: 09-19 PM
  • 9. September-20th October: 09-18.30 Uhr